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Why Use A Regional Company?


Regional Pipeline Rehabilitation

Our Regional Trenchless Company Provides Unique Benefits


Scalable To Meet Project Specifications
Tap into the technology, available solutions, expert
resources, trained labor force, and support personnel needed to smoothly deliver on any project scale

Lower Cost Of Mobilization
Leverage the benefits of localized experts and project
resources to reduce overhead and minimize overall project cost while maintaining workmanship.

Same Day Response & Warranty Support
With 24/7 dispatching and on-call technicians, you get a fast response from local staff at those critical times when every minute counts.



“The Trenchless Co. rehabilitated our drain lines in our manufacturing plant in Oakland.  Their technology as well as project planning saved us time and money.  I would definitely call The Trenchless Co again to assist with my underground plumbing needs.”

- Jon Allen
Sara Lee

“A day lost costs our company money.  Then we found The Trenchless Co. and our
problem was solved.  The new technology of relining the existing pipes was
amazing to learn about and see installed.  The process was done overnight, allowing us to not lose a day of operation.  We would be happy to refer The Trenchless Co. to any business.”

- Catherine Christian
Jamba Juice

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