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About The Trenchless Co.

Max Greenberg opened The Trenchless Co., on January 1, 2000. Today it is a full service plumbing company that specializes in trenchless pipe replacement, pipe restoration and pipe lining. Located in downtown Sacramento, California, The Trenchless Co. is a state of the art plumbing shop, equipped with all of the latest technology and a facility for ongoing employee training.

Max’s success in the plumbing industry was no surprise to his family, as he is a third generation plumbing contractor in the Sacramento area; his grandfather and father having both owned and operated successful plumbing companies. Max’s inspiration for The Trenchless Co. came to him while working at his father’s company. He came across a new technology called “Trenchless” that allowed damaged sewer lines to be replaced without digging…which meant no destruction to the homeowner’s yard and no mess left behind. Max realized the importance of this new technology to the plumbing industry, and envisioned forming a company around it.

Immediately after starting The Trenchless Co., the need was more evident than ever before to always be on the cutting edge of plumbing technology. Max realized that the plumbing industry was constantly evolving, finding innovative ways to help people solve their plumbing problems with less destruction and mess. He promised himself to never stop researching and providing exactly that to his customers…new solutions to everyday plumbing problems.