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Water Leak Detection & Leaking Pipe Repair

Water meter running while all the faucets are off? Wet or hot spots on your floor, wall, or ceiling? All of these are indications that you could be dealing with a water leak – a common problem as metal pipes naturally corrode leaving pinhole leaks.

Leaking pipe repair services begin with the fine art of pinpointing the source of the leak – which is often hidden inside of the structure and even the foundation itself. Once the source of the leak and it’s size are determined, our technicians are able to outline the most cost effective means for a permanent solution.

Benefits Of Trenchless Leak Detection & Repair

  • Water Leak Detection technology to pinpoint the leak while minimizing damage
  • Multiple leak repair options to minimize damage and the cost of a permanent repair
  • Pipes can be repaired with non-metallic alternatives to avoid future corrosion

How Does It Work?

  1. Leak Detection
    If the leak source isn’t easy to locate because it is masked by structure or is underground, electronic leak detection equipment is brought in to zero in on the area of the leak.  Once the area has been determined, technicians surgically expose the pipe to verify the exact location of the leak.
  2. Repair Options Diagnosis
    Once the leak has been found, our technicians will consider multiple repair options such as:- Epoxy pipe rehabilitation
    – Pex or copper re-piping
    – Spot repairs or rerouting


    These options are presented along with cost and the benefits of each option so that you can determine the repair method that best suits your needs and budget.

  3. Leak Repair
    Once you have determined the repair method with your technician, our repair team carries out the prescribed solution and tests your water line to ensure that the problem is resolved.

Why Choose Trenchless Leak Repair?

  • Water Leak Detection Technology
    Finding the source of a leak is a true art within the plumbing trade – conventionally carried out by performing exploratory demolitions to find the source. Electronic Leak Detection equipment minimizes the amount of exploratory damage by providing a probable source of the leak – minimizing the amount of damage and subsequent cost of repairs.
  • Multiple Repair Options
    The Trenchless Co. specializes in multiple trenchless and conventional methods of repairs to give you maximum flexibility in selecting an option that is the right fit.  Choose from potential options such as conventional spot repair and re-routing, pex or copper re-piping, or unique trenchless technology such as epoxy pipe rehabilitation.
  • Avoid Corrosion In The Future
    While options exist to replace old pipe with newer copper pipe, many of our options provide solutions that help you avoid having metallic surfaces coming in contact with your water supply to not only improve your water quality but also to limit the potential of corrosion related problems in the future.

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