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Rusty Water & Cloudy Water

Rusty or cloudy drinking water is a common indication of internal corrosion within metal drinking water pipes. Water and chemicals such as chlorine begin to corrode the inside of metal pipes causing heavy metals to leach into drinking water which results in rusty or cloudy appearing water. Within 15-20 years 70% of a pipe’s original capacity is lost due to corrosion.


Effects Of Heavy Metal Leaching

  • Reduced Water Quality
    Rusty or cloudy water is not only less appealing, but also indicates a potential water quality problem. As pipes corrode, heavy metals are carried into the drinking water supply and are consumed by residents. According to the EPA, an average 10%-20% of a child’s lead exposure is will come from drinking water – which has been postulated by the U.S. Health and Human Services Department as the number one environmental threat to children’s health.
  • Increased Risk Of Structural Damage
    Cloudy and rusty water is not only a cause for water quality concern, but is also an indicator of a larger problem looming. Corrosion weakens pipe walls which hold back pressurized water, and over time will cause weaknesses that lead to pinhole leaks – leading to expensive damage to the structure of the home.
  • Loss Of Insurance Coverage
    Insurance companies, may after a single leak, cancel or refuse to write homeowner policies. Once a claim has been filed, a history of the claim activity is placed into an industry database which is accessed for years to come. By acting on the early signs that there is a corrosion problem with the drinking water system, the threat of increased insurance rates can be avoided.

Repair Options For Rusty or Cloudy Water

Leak Detection & Repair
Pinpoint the source of a potential leak with less exploratory demolition and get repair options that meet your needs & budget.

Re-piping & Pipe Conversion
Permanently avoid corrosion with Pex repiping or replace worn metal pipes with brand new lines.