Just because your sewer line is underground doesn’t mean that the issue has to remain hidden from view. Sewer line cameras are inserted into the line by a nearby cleanout and allow our Technicians to inspect your line from beginning-point to end-point in order to see any issues and the stage of the problem.  Locator heads then allow technicians to accurately pinpoint any problem areas underground and even identify if the issue is your responsibility or a city/county issue. Why pay for over-kill fixes when you can get right-fit options based on a visual diagnosis.

Benefits of Video Sewer Inspections

  • No guesswork. Avoid overkill solutions and unnecessary digging based on guesswork
  • Included for free with every drain cleaning or sewer estimate
  • Pinpoint problems underground. Don’t pay for repairs that aren’t your responsibility
  • Low cost pipe locating method
  • See the issues as we make recommendations

How Does Video Sewer Inspection Work?

  1. Sewer Line Accessed
    The sewer line is accessed through a nearby cleanout. Once the line is visually inspected for standing water or backups that would impede visibility, the camera is inserted into the line.
  2. Two Direction Inspection
    Technicians advance the camera along the line as you watch along, noting any problems so that you can see what they see. The line is inspected both from the cleanout to the main sewer and also back into the home to ensure a proper diagnosis.
  3. Suspect Areas Located
    Areas of potential issue are then located above ground to identify where they are on the property and assess the surrounding area. Using this information, or technicians are able to give a highly accurate diagnosis that you can see for yourself, identify the stage of the problem and give a prognosis. Once this is done, right-fit options are outlined to meet with your time and budgetary needs.