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Hydrojet: Sewer Drain Jetting

Jetting is the next generation evolution in sewer line cleaning & maintenance. While the rooter simply uses mechanical action to punch a hole through clogs and debris to restore flow, pressurized drain cleaning uses the force of water to actually scour the inside of your line. Pressurized drain jetting not only restores flow but can remove grease buildup inside of your line and even scour away tree roots to improve the flow inside of your line.

Benefits of Hydrojetting

  • Longer lasting maintenance option when compared to common rooter services
  • Scours inside of your sewer line for restored capacity instead of just opening flow
  • Cost effective maintenance solution
  • 6-Month Warranty or 1 Additional Backup

How Does It Work?

  1. Sewer Line Inspection
    Our technicians will access the sewer line and perform a video camera inspection to identify the areas and nature of the issue. If the line is completely blocked, they may need to do a mechanical rooting to re-establish flow so that the line is visible on the camera.
  2. Pressure Jetting The Line
    Once the line has been inspected and issue areas assessed, the technician will insert a special hose and cleaning head which can deliver over 4000 psi of pressure to the line. The cleaning head is advanced along the run paying special attention to issue areas. Typically several passes are made to fully scour away tough blockages such as tree roots.
  3. Quality Inspection
    The sewer line is once again inspected with a sewer line camera to ensure that any buildup or roots have been removed and that the line is clear and functioning at maximum possible capacity.

Why Choose Hydrojetting?

  • Clears What Rooters Don’t
    While not a permanent solution, pressure cleaning is a superior maintenance option when compared to rooter service as it goes beyond punching a hole through the blockage to actually cleaning the inside of your line. Remove grease buildup, tree roots, and other causes of slow sewer lines that rooters can’t touch.
  • Longer Lasting Results
    Opening a hole through a blockage, while restoring flow, will by it’s very nature be a short term solution. By scouring the inside of your line, we can not only noticeably improve the flow but will last longer than other maintenance solutions.
  • Cost Effective Solution
    Because jetters are able to actually clean the line and improve flow, the typical time until the next needed maintenance can be 4 times longer than in between rooter services. When compared to the price difference, pressure cleaning not only clears the line better, but will cost less over time.

Need A Permanent Solution? Check Out …

Pipe Lining
Pipe lining is a process of creating a new seamless plastic pipe within the old pipe. The process can be applied to completely replace the line or for spot repairs of problem sections - all without the expense and damage of conventional trenching methods. Because the new pipe is seamless high grade epoxy, weak joints are eliminated leading to a permanent solution.

Pipe Bursting
Pipe Bursting - like pipe lining - is another method used to produce a permanent solution for sewer backups. A pipe bursting head is hydraulically pulled underground to simultaneously break apart the old pipe (even cast iron) while pulling into place a new seamless HDPE pipe. Pipe bursting sewer replacements come with a lifetime warranty.