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Burst Pipe Repair

While most people associate burst pipes with freezing during cold winter nights, there are actually several possible causes of burst pipes that make them a year-round problem. Find out more about the potential causes as well as the innovative solutions that – unlike conventional methods – reduce the amount of additional damage caused by repairs.


Causes Of Burst Pipes

  • Freezing
    During cold nights, standing water can freeze in the water lines of your home – this is especially true for water lines that are exposed to outside air. As the water expands as it freezes, the pressure causes strain on the walls of the pipe until they burst.
  • Weakening Due To Corrosion
    Corrosion is a problem that plagues every metal pipe system. Within 15-20 years corrosion will reduce the capacity of pipes by as much as 70%. As metals are leached from the pipe system, the walls of the pipe are eaten away and eventually the structural integrity of the line weakens to the point that the pipes burst under the pressure of the water supply.

Burst Pipe Repair Options

Leak Detection & Repair
Pinpoint the source of a potential leak with less exploratory demolition and get repair options that meet your needs & budget.

Re-piping & Pipe Conversion
Permanently avoid corrosion with Pex repiping or replace worn metal pipes with brand new lines.