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Blocked Drains & Backed Up Drains

Backed up sewer lines are more than just a disgusting headache – raw sewage entering your living space creates a serious health hazard and can cause structural damage. However, backed up sewer lines aren’t a plumbing problem – rather they are a symptom of the true underlying issue with your sewer line. Without a permanent sewer repair, blocked drains will continue to plague your sewer system and can potentially create new problems with perfectly functioning plumbing systems.


 Why Do Drains Back Up?

 Foreign Objects

Blocked drains resulting from foreign objects is exactly what it sounds like – items not intended for disposal via your sewer system are flushed down the toilet and become lodged in the sewer line. Not surprisingly, issues arising from foreign objects in the sewer line are most common in homes with young children or high volume public restrooms.

Roots In The Sewer Line

Tree roots by their very nature search out moisture underground and are attracted to the limitless moisture in your sewer line. Roots access your sewer line by growing between pipe joints. Over time, these roots grow, expand, and multiply within the line causing decreasing flow and eventually a collapsed line.

Sewer Line Bellies

Leaking wastewater due to improperly fitted joints or gaps caused by root intrusion will erode the soil around the pipe. Over time, the impact of this erosion causes the sewer line to sag or “belly” which traps standing wastewater which slows the drain and eventually leads to a collapsed or offset pipe resulting in a permanent blockage.

Collapsed or Offset Pipes

Collapsed and offset pipes can be a result of ground shifting or poor installation. However, the majority of collapsed pipes are the consequence of untreated bellies in the line or tree root incursion. As roots degrade the pipe structure or soil erosion around the joints of the pipe progress, sewer lines eventually loose structural integrity and become permanently disabled.

Another cause of catastrophic failure are sewer lines made of Orangeberg pipe. Orangeberg pipe is essentially compressed tar paper which eventually loses integrity with constant exposure to moisture and collapses.

Clogged Drain Repair Process & Options

Step 1: Get Your Sewer Flowing & Diagnose The Cause

Rooter & Drain Cleaning
Getting your waste water flowing again is the first priority. While rooter service is only a temporary fix aimed at the symptom - not the cause - our technicians will clear the line (if necessary) in order to get waste water flowing and prepare the line for video inspection.

Video Camera Inspection
After the line has been cleared so that it is visible, the next critical step is to visually inspect the length of the sewer line with a video camera inspection. With a visual inspection, technicians can then accurately diagnose the situation and come up with options that fit the issue.

Step 2: Get Multiple Options To Permanently Solve The Issue

Hydrojetting is a more permanent solution than rooter service. Instead of punching a hole through a blockage to get waste water flowing, hydrojet cleaning uses high pressure water jets to scour the inside of the line to remove grease buildup and even tree roots for a longer lasting effect.

Pipe Lining
Pipe lining is a process of creating a new seamless plastic pipe within the old pipe. The process can be applied to completely replace the line or for spot repairs of problem sections - all without the expense and damage of conventional trenching methods. Because the new pipe is seamless high grade epoxy, weak joints are eliminated leading to a permanent solution.

Pipe Bursting
Pipe Bursting - like pipe lining - is another method used to produce a permanent solution for sewer backups. A pipe bursting head is hydraulically pulled underground to simultaneously break apart the old pipe (even cast iron) while pulling into place a new seamless HDPE pipe. Pipe bursting sewer replacements come with a lifetime warranty.