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Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure issues can sometimes result from the city water supply, but more commonly indicate a corrosion or sedimentation problem within the drinking water pipe system. Metal pipes such as copper or galvanized piping will begin to corrode from the time the line is put into service. Within 15-20 years as much as 70% of a pipes original flow capacity is lost due to corrosion. The effect of water contacting metal pipe surfaces causes corrosion buildup and sediments which are carried through the water and buildup on faucet aerators which creates the effect of low pressure.


Dangers Of Pipe Corrosion

  • Heavy Metal Leaching Into Drinking Water Supply
    Pipe corrosion leading to low pressure is an indication that heavy metals are leaching into the drinking water supply.  These metals not only clog aerators, but are also consumed by anyone who drinks the water.
  • Increased Risk Of Structural Damage
    As corrosion happens through the length of the drinking water system, metal is eaten away from the inside of the pipe, leading to a thinning of pipe walls which are responsible for holding in the pressurized system. If corrosion is left untreated, weak points eventually give way to pinhole leaks which cause flooding, costly structural damage, and potential loss of home insurance coverage.

Low Water Pressure Repair Options

Leak Detection & Repair
Pinpoint the source of a potential leak with less exploratory demolition and get repair options that meet your needs & budget.

Re-piping & Pipe Conversion
Permanently avoid corrosion with Pex repiping or replace worn metal pipes with brand new lines.