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Sierra Nevada Brewery

Like many businesses, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is concerned about the environment. They set up a PVC system to handle the run off from the beer production and keep it away from other equipment, which solved the issue for a while. But the high temperatures and caustic nature of that run off were too much for the PVC to handle. The system cracked under the strain and started to leak. Sierra Nevada was challenged to resolve the situation and keep their plant as green as possible at the same time.

Armed with the chemical composition of what goes through the PVC system – and the temperatures of those liquids – the Trenchless Company started to look for the best solution for Sierra Nevada’s needs. They found that a CIPP liner with special Vinyl Ester Resin would stand up to the challenge. Over the course of three months, and around the plant’s operating schedule, the Trenchless Company lined and then reinstated lateral connections in the PVC system using a remotely-operated internal, robotic, cutter. The new liner was put into place to seal the system, and the Sierra Nevada Brewing company could operate leak-free.

Safeway Corporation

Problem :

Safeway’s Manufacturing Plant was experiencing repeating drain issues that results in constant servicing – and increasing bills – from the local rooter company. After several failed attempts to solve the problem through old school rooting, they ordered an excavation – but that only proved to be more trouble. A “small excavation led to an open trench of 60+ feet and the discovery that all the cast iron drain pipes had deteriorated due to the harsh chemicals used in the plant. In order to get the problem solved with traditional plumbing, they’d have to shut down the entire plant.

Solution :

In order to avoid an entire shut down, Safeway went looking for different solution. The Trenchless Company established repair schedule that would allow the plant to stay operational during the entire project. They used a combination of pipe bursting and CIPP drain lining to rehabilitate over 2000 feet of 4 – 8 inch pipe inside of the plant, which not only solved the problem but prevented future damage. By working in revolving 12 hour shifts, and using trenchless methods, Safeway was able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost production and constructions costs.