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100% Customer Satisfaction Starts With A Top Team





Max Greenberg

Max opened The Trenchless Co., on January 1, 2000. Today it is a full service plumbing company that specializes in trenchless pipe replacement, pipe restoration and pipe lining. Max’s success in the plumbing industry was no surprise to his family, as he is a third generation plumbing contractor in the Sacramento area; his grandfather and father having both owned and operated successful plumbing companies. Max realized that the plumbing industry was constantly evolving, finding innovative ways to help people solve their plumbing problems with less destruction and mess. He promised himself to never stop researching and providing exactly that to his solutions to everyday plumbing problems.




Darrin Baker
General Manager

Darrin is General Manager for The Trenchless Co and has been with the company since 2007. Darrin combines his knowledge of plumbing with a background in whole house construction as well as commercial and municipal projects to educate both residential and commercial customers about their options.

LeAnn Writesman
Director of Operations

LeAnn brought her depth of experience to The Trenchless Co. in 2007, and has been a driving force behind our growth ever since.  From office staff management to human resources to finance, LeAnn is a driving force behind our constant development as a company and as a team.


Marketing & Business Development



Nick DeGraff
Director of Marketing & Business Development

Nick is a social entrepreneur and marketing strategist who joined The Trenchless Co. early in 2012, adding his 8 years of PR and Marketing experience to the team. Prior to joining The Trenchless Co., Nick was a co-founder of a nationwide professional services company and the Director of Marketing for the largest regional business incubator in Northern California. Nick’s entrepreneurial focus centers on growing small businesses in order to create quality jobs, and since the beginning of the recession in 2008 he has created dozens of new jobs within the region.



Service Department


Vince Salas
Service Manager

Vince has been with The Trenchless Co. since 2002 and is one of our most veteran employees. With his depth of experience and knowledge of state-of-the-art plumbing technology, Vince brings to the table a broader-than-average viewpoint of options that can be applied to provide permanent solutions which are tailored to the needs and budgets of his customers.

Steve Hendry
Service Technician

Steve joined The Trenchless Co. in 2012 after 4.5 years in the plumbing industry.  With his experience seeing the progression of sewer issues, Steve appreciates focusing on troubleshooting plumbing problems and providing permanent solutions to solve problems once and for all.  In addition to being a skilled plumber, an interesting fact about Steve is that he is also a semi-professional competitive eater!


Chris Leppington
Service Technician

Chris has been with The Trenchless Co. for the past 4 years. Chris' love for his job comes from connecting with people to find permanent solutions that fit their needs at fair prices. Being a personable guy, our customers always tell us how much they like working with Chris.


Milton Lee
Service Technician

With over 20 years of experience, Lee brings with him a range of deep knowledge in all areas of plumbing - from new construction to residential and commercial service/repair to designing new systems.  Lee uses his deep knowledge to find the most cost saving options for his customers to provide permanent solutions to plumbing headaches.  When not using his deep experience in plumbing, Lee loves to golf all over the world

  Drekale Cutchow
Service Technician

Drekale joined the Trenchless Co in 2016 and has a passion for helping people which comes out in his customer service style.

  Blake Munger
Service Technician

Blake joined The Trenchless Co. in 2009 first as an install helper, then as an install crew leader, and now as a service technician. With his install experience, Blake has a great understanding of how trenchless technology can be used for his customer's benefit and loves helping when people are facing an emergency situation. 


Install Department


Luis Dominguez
Field Supervisor

As the most veteran installer with The Trenchless Co. - Luis has long been the person that our install crews turn to for advice and help - making him an amazing field supervisor for our Installation Department.  Luis is responsible for job production and always ensures that customers get the highest quality solution with the least amount of time and hassle possible.