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Get Multiple Options To Maximize Your Budget


Plumbing For
Schools & Universities

In the current budget climate, it is more important than ever to maximize the effectiveness of every dollar spent while being confident that expenditures can be accounted for as a wise use of funding.  The Trenchless Co. provides innovative solutions that reduce the cost of repairs, provide multiple options, and create permanent solutions so that you are able to take on new projects.  Work with experts that help you shine as the rockstar that you are!

How Can The Trenchless Co. Benefit Your School?

  • Regional company that can scale to meet your needs with a track record any administrator can be comfortable with
  • Off-hours scheduling minimizes disruption to class schedules
  • Minimum possible digging and demolitions reduces project completion times and reduces labor cost and eliminates the cost of site rehabilitation
  • Multiple options for permanent solutions to fit your project and eliminate ongoing maintenance expenses


Popular Plumbing Solutions For Schools:

CCTV Inspection & Reporting
Just because a line is buried underground, doesn't mean that you can't have the certainty of a visual inspection. From hard to reach lines to large diameter lines, we elimate costly unknowns and deliver the right options for the issue at hand.

  • Small diameter(3") to large diameter 24"+ video capabilities
  • CCTV Robot Trucks & CCTV Command Truck with on board inspection software
  • Reporting via online portal- including technician commentary and bookmarking of key issues

Critical Path Management
Technological advantage is completely worthless without planning and execution that delivers benefit.  As specialists in trenchless technology, we mix art and science to deliver results.

Explore In Depth:

Sewer Mains & Laterals
Multiple solutions for permanent sewer pipe rehabilitation and replacement without the incidental costs and longer project times associated with conventional repair methods. 

Explore The Technology:

Lateral Reinstatements
No expensive and damaging pot-holing needed to reinstate flow of lateral lines. With our robot cutter your laterals are reinstated from inside the line for faster project times and reduced costs.


Vertical Drain Lining (CIPP)
Vertical sanitary drain rehabilitation using methods that don't require interior demolition and associate post-project repair costs. Leverage trenchyless methods to reduce cost and occupant/operations disturbance.


Roof Drain Lining (CIPP)
Continuous epoxy lining from the roof to the storm drain for a permanent soltuions from the roof to the strom drain system.


Storm Drains
Root intrusion & collapse solved without the expense of conventional solutions while upgrading storm drain systems with seamless pipe.


Water Systems
Water line repairs, replacements, and upgrades including new main lines without the damage and associated rehabilitation costs that come with conventional methods.

Explore The Technology:

Trenchless Conduit Installation
New electric lines, fiber optic lines, and gas lines via trenchless installation using directional drilling methods!


Explore All Of Our Services


Leverage The Trenchless Co. Benefits

24/7 Scheduling Options
We work all hours so that you can schedule projects around class schedules and events. 

Increased Options Through Technology
Skip the one-solution at one-price responses and work with advisors who will assess your situation at no cost and present multiple options to meet your internal needs.

Minimal Disruption To Your Campus
Trenchless technology enables surgical repairs which not only cost less by eliminating rehabilitation costs but also mean that the campus learning environment is preserved

Permanent Solutions Backed By Warranty
Implement permanent solutions instead of temporary repairs so that you can accomplish more projects with your budget.  All repairs backed by the best warranties in the industry.

Stable Company With Full Resources
Trust in a third generation regionally based company that provides old-style service combined with the resources to meet any scale project.  Don't find yourself holding the bag when smaller companies overreach their abilities.



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