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Fairfield Leak Detection & Fairfield Leak Repair

Our Fairfield leak detection and Fairfield leak repair services use leak detection technology to pinpoint the leak while minimizing damage and the total cost of the repair.  From leak repair, pipe rehabilitation, re-pipes, and water main repair and replacement – multiple options and the cost savings of trenchless methods aren’t just for sewer lines!

  • Leak Detection technology to examine the pipe while still in the wall to pinpoint the point of repair to minimize damage
  • Multiple options for a permanent solution to water leaks, corroding water lines, low-water pressure, pinhole leaks, and whole house re-pipe.
  • If repairs require any damage to the walls, pricing and workmanship includes repair of the wall to paint-ready condition.
  • Trenchless water main repair without the damage and cost of digging.


Water Repair
Cost Comparison

Side-by-side comparison illustrating the benefits of The Trenchless Co. technology.

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Water Line Issues & Solutions
Learn about leak indicators and their causes.

Fairfield Leak Detection & Fairfield Leak Repair Options

Leak Detection & Leak Repair
Pinpoint detection of hidden leaks with minimal damage for a surgical repair with minimal damage compared to conventional methods.

Re-piping & Pipe Conversion
Completely replace failing water lines while upgrading your water system to modern materials and improving water quality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leak Detection & Leak Repair

Q:  What are signs that I have a leak in my wall or foundation?
A:  While leaks can result in running water, sometimes the signs are much more subtle. Check for warm or wet spots on the wall, ceiling or floor. Turn your faucets off and check your water meter – sometimes the first place that you notice a leak is an unusually high water bill. 


Q:  What is leak detection and why is it important?
Even in the cases of leaks that have more obvious signs such as wet spots on the wall, these signs don’t necessarily correspond with the location of the leak.  Water can travel within the internal structure before becoming visible.  Leak detection uses advanced technology to examine the pipe within the wall so the minimum area needs to be exposed for the repair.

Q: Can you epoxy line my water lines like you use epoxy liners on sewer lines?
A:  We do – epoxy pipe restoration can be a great alternative to re-piping and corrosion!  Our technicians consider multiple innovative solutions to present you with the latest technology and most cost effective solutions.


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