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Leaking Pipes: Ground, Wall, & Slab Leaks

Leaking pipes are a nightmare situation for any homeowner due to the subsequent damage to the structure of the home. The impact of leaking pipes can range from internal damage that can remain undetected for long periods of time to catastrophic failure and subsequent flooding. Learn about the indicators, causes, and repair options for water line leaks to protect your home.

Leak Indicators

When water pressure is down, but your water bill is up, it’s often due to a leaky pipe – however there are additional indicators to familiarize yourself with.

Slab Leaks

Slab leaks are leaks occurring in pipes which are embedded into the slab foundation of a home. Common indicators of slab leaks include hot spots on floors, discoloration or warping of flooring, wet spots on floors, as well as seepage from the foundation base.


Wall Leaks

Wall leaks are just what they sound like – leaks which present themselves in water pipes which run throughout the walls of your home. Wet spots, hot spots, and discoloration of walls are common indicators prior to catastrophic failure and internal flooding.


Ground Leaks

Ground leaks are leaks in the line connecting the water main to your home or within landscape irrigation systems.  In addition to fluctuations in your water bill, surface seepage of leaked water is the most common indicator of a ground leak.  If left untreated the leak can cause erosion and the catastrophic failure of the line – requiring a new line to be installed.


Causes Of Leaks

Improperly Fitted Joints
Joint failure issues can happen with any material, but are most common in PVC pipe systems. PVC joint fitting is notorious with professional plumbers as being a tricky art that is mastered only through experience and practice. Joints that are improperly cleaned and sealed commonly fail under pressurization and lead to significant damage.

Corrosion is a problem that plagues every metal pipe system. Within 15-20 years corrosion will reduce the capacity of pipes by as much as 70%. As metals are leached from the pipe system, the walls of the pipe are eaten away and eventually the structural integrity of the line fails leading to pinhole leaks and burst pipes.

Leak Detection & Repair
Pinpoint the source of a potential leak with less exploratory demolition and get repair options that meet your needs & budget.

Re-piping & Pipe Conversion
Permanently avoid corrosion with Pex repiping or replace worn metal pipes with brand new lines.