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Cost Of Water Line Repairs: A Comparison

In a world where best-of-class technology means “more expensive” – we are breaking the rules! Compare methods side by side to see how trenchless technology streamlines projects to save money, time, and headache.

Water Line Method
Trenchless Co.
Water Line Methods






Extensive  Drywall Demolitions or Trenching
(Often requiring heavy
equipment use)

Drywall Repair or Filling of Trenches


Small Access Holes
(Not always necessary)


Refilling Of Access Holes If Needed.

(i.e. Labor Expense)
Several Days Same Day
Warranty 1 Year Limited 5-10 Year Warranty

Hazards From, Underground Wires, Gas Lines, Open Pits

Not Affected
Value Loss Of Value Due To Property/Landscaping Damage Value Enhancement From Certificate of Completion & Transferable Warranty
Savings   40% Less

Request a free estimate today and we’ll provide you with options and prices for conventional and trenchless repairs so that you can make an apples-to-apples comparison for your specific needs!