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Service Appointment Reminder Brendan

You are receiving this email as part of the service you have requested from The Trenchless Co.

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Appointment Details

If you are unable to keep this service appointment, let us know at (888) DONT-DIG.

Brendan Wood joined The Trenchless Co. in 2013 after 8 years of experience in the plumbing industry. Through his career, Brenden has specialized in sewer and drains – making him a natural fit at The Trenchless Co. According to Brenden, his key to success has been his ability to educate his customer’s so that they can choose the best choice that meets their needs. We couldn’t agree more!

Brendan's Recent Reviews

"Brandon Wood is a highly technical professional trained worker. He is very knowledgeable about his job. He is courteous and a hard worker. He meticulously troubleshooted my plumbing problem and then he offer several solutions. He was well equipped with modern up to date equipment which is a reflection on himself and his company. He was able to used all his equipment with great dexterity, while explaining in detail what he was doing or about to do. I had great confidence that I was in good hands and the job was going to be completed in a professional manner." - A. Camacho

"Wonderful company! Brenden had his work cut out for him with our old 1926 pipes and plumbing and took care of all issues! Trenchless Co. is now on speed dial for us..." - Laurel

"Brendan Wood was my technician. The guy was great. Brendan explained exactly what was going on. If you want the job done right the first time give The Trenchless Co. a call."- Alex


About The Trenchless Co.


The Trenchless Company was established in January 2000. The founder Max Greenberg is a third generation plumbing contractor locally in the Sacramento area. His inspiration for The Trenchless Company came to him while he was working at his father's plumbing company. He came across a new technology called Trenchless that allowed damaged sewer and waterlines to be replaced without digging.

Max realized the importance of this new technology as it relates to the plumbing industry and envisioned forming a plumbing company around it. The Trenchless Company was founded on utilizing the latest technology available to solve their customers plumbing problems with less destruction and mess to their property.

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Resources To Check Before Hiring A Contractor

  1. Check to make sure that they are currently licensed and that they have up-to-date Worker’s Compensation Insurance. (If not, you will be personally liable for any accidents.) Go to and click on "Check License".
  2. Check the Better Business Bureau website to make sure that the company has a good complaint resolution history at
  3. Read reviews from other customers on Yelp, Google, and Angie’s list for authoritative reviews from a 3rd party. Check out Yelp or Angie's List for example.

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