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Never deal with a clog again! Our seamless sewer line replacements are guaranteed to never clog!

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Anthony Martinez has been in the plumbing industry since 1996 and is a skilled all-around plumber. Anthony loves to share his knowledge gained from his 16 years in the industry to educate customers on the repair options available to them and how they can be adapted to their needs and budget.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Anthony focuses on his family and loves spending time with his kids.

About The Trenchless Co.


The Trenchless Company was established in January 2000. The owner Max Greenberg is a third generation plumbing contractor locally in the Sacramento area. His inspiration for The Trenchless Company came to him while he was working at his father's plumbing company. He came across a new technology called Trenchless that allowed damaged sewer and waterlines to be replaced without digging.

Max realized the importance of this new technology as it relates to the plumbing industry and envisioned forming a plumbing company around it. The Trenchless Company was founded on utilizing the latest technology available to solve their customers plumbing problems with less destruction and mess to their property.

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600 Broadway, Suite C. Sacramento, CA 95818

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