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$99 Rooter Special

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Sewer Issues & Solutions
Get in-depth information about the causes behind backups and slow drains.

San Francisco Drain Cleaning Services

24/7 Rooter Service
Our Sacramento rooter service is staffed 24/7 to get your line flowing anytime you need us!

Video Inspections
Included free with our $99 Rooter Special!

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning
Cleans and scours the inside of your line for a longer lasting cleaning than traditional rooters.

Frequently Asked Questions: San Francisco Rooter Service

Q: Does rootering solve my problem?
A:  Rootering is typically effective in restoring temporary flow, but doesn’t solve the issue.  Backups are typically due to underlying issues with the line such as root intrusion, bellies, and pipe offsets.  These problems can’t be solved with a rooter, only a permanent solution.

Q: How long is rootering usually effective?
A: The length of the effectiveness of rooter service depends on both the underlying problem causing the blockage as well as the stage of progression of the issue.  In most cases, rooter service will restore flow for between 1-month and 1-year.  

Q: What happens if I don’t fix the underlying problem?
A: Without a permanent solution, the underlying cause of the backup will continue to proceed and backups will happen with increasing frequency.  The end result is that the pipe structure or surrounding soil weakens to the point of full collapse.  Once a line has fully collapsed, rootering is no longer an option and the issue will require a repair in order to restore service.

Q: Does it cost more to repair once my sewer has failed?
A:  Unfortunately, yes.  Leaving aside the expense of ongoing rooter maintenance, our most cost effective repair options are not applicable in situations once the line has collapsed. 

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