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Napa Sewer Repair & Napa Sewer Replacement


Call our 3rd generation Napa sewer repair company with next generation technology – and save 40% compared to traditional methods! Problem solved.

As specialists in trenchless methods we have multiple Napa sewer replacement technologies at our fingertips – allowing us to find you a permanent solution so that you can skip the headaches and cost of ongoing rooter calls.

  • MyChoice Pricing™ puts you in control through multiple repair options and affordable monthly pricing.
  • Local specialists since 2000, built on 3 generations of experience.
  • All solutions backed by our No Clog Guarantee™


Water Repair
Cost Comparison

Side-by-side comparison illustrating the benefits of The Trenchless Co. technology.

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Sewer Issues & Solutions
Get in-depth information about the causes behind backups and slow drains.

Napa Sewer Repair Options

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning
Cleans and scours the inside of your line for a longer lasting cleaning than traditional rooters.

Pipe Lining
Learn more about our method to create a new high-quality expoxy line within your existing sewer line.

Pipe Bursting
Your old sewer line is burst while still underground allowing us to pull in a brand new quality line.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Repair

Q:  How do trenchless methods save 40%?
A:  With trenchless technology, we are able to fully repair or replace your sewer line without needing to dig.  This translates into saving the cost of excavation, putback of the soil after the repair, and minimum repairs to your landscaping or hardscaping to repair damage due to excavation.  In addition, trenchless methods take much less time, meaning that there are reduced cost that are passed onto you.  


Q: If you have multiple options, does that mean that there is more than one way to fix a sewer line?
A: Yes.  In addition to traditional excavation, there are multiple trenchless technologies such as pipe lining and pipe bursting that can be used to both repair and/or replace your existing sewer line.  We can also use our directional drilling system to install brand new lines completely underground – we don’t even need an existing pipe! Our technicians will evaluate and present all of the options that are a good fit to solve your problem.   


Q: What are the exceptions to your No Clog Guarantee for your permanent solutions?
A:  None. If it clogs, we clear it for free.  Check out our No Clog Guarantee™ for details.


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