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Cost Cutting Plumbing Solutions In Fairfield & Vacaville


Fairfield Plumbing & Vacaville Plumbing

Sewer or Water problems?  We have your smart solution!

Unlike conventional Fairfield plumbing, The Trenchless Co. applies the latest and most innovative technology to deliver multiple options to our customers that provide longer lasting solutions while reducing the average cost for our customers by 40%. Trust in Fairfield plumbers that provide smart solutions and delivers 100% customer satisfaction.


Explore Common Fairfield Plumbing Services

Fairfield Sewer Repair & Fairfield Sewer Replacement

Save 40% on Fairfield Sewer Repairs and Fairfield Sewer Replacements by skipping the labor cost and damage associated with conventional excavation using Trenchless Co. methods.  Get multiple options for a permanent solution to your sewer issues at affordable monthly prices.  Best of all, our permanent solutions are backed by our No Clog Guarantee™

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Fairfield Leak Repair & Fairfield Leak Detection

Our Fairfield leak detection and & Fairfield leak repair services focus on locating leaks and providing you multiple trenchless options to and repairing your leak while minimizing incidental damage to reduce the total cost of repairs.  From a leak to a whole house repipe, we have innovative solutions to suit your needs.

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Why Choose The Trenchless Co.?

Choose The Trenchless Co. For What We Do...

  • Applying innovative plumbing technology that streamlines projects to reduce the average repair cost by 40%
  • Multiple repair options provided to meet your needs and budget
  • Repair methods which are designed to minimize property damage during repairs
  • Live staff available 24/7 with fast dispatching


... And For What We Don't Do:

  • No dispatch fees or trip fees
  • No charge to provide an estimate
  • Video inspections free with estimates, not $200-$400
  • No extra fees for nights & weekends