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ABC10 – We spoke with an expert, who told us what a rooter or drain machiene can an cannot do for your clogged pipes …A rooter or drain cleaning machiene is a mechanical cable with a cutting blade at the end of the line that is fed through an access point.

  1. You are just treating the symptom and not the actual cause of the problemIt pokes a hole in the clog or tree root – or whatever is blocking the pipe – essentially it’s just maintenance or a band aid.
  2. Eventually the underlying issue will cause the line to collapseAnd that is when things get expensive.  When that happens it typically costs 40% more to fix the problem – so the sooner you get a repair the better.  That way it saves you a lot of time, money, and headache

According to The Trenchless Co.’s owner, you should get a video inspection, diagnose the problem, and just fix the problem the first time.