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Is Snaking a Clogged Drain The Best Option?

With the sheer amount of water and debris that gets put down the drains in your home over the course of a normal year, it’s no wonder that even the best plumbing systems get clogged sometimes. Your chances for having a clogged drain are increased even higher when you have a heavy use sink, like in a workshop or mudroom, or you have narrow pipes. Root growth and calcification can also contribute to slow or clogged drains.

Plumbing snakes are commonly used to clear out clogged drains and are often the first line of defense in drain clearing. Although the technology is simple and relatively efficient, the size and power of the plumbing snake pales in comparison to hydrojetting – which can leave your clogged pipe truly clear and fully functional.

The Typical Solution -  a Plumbing Snake

A plumbing snake is the most common tool that consumers and plumbers reach for when there’s a clogged sink, toilet or bathtub drain. A snake drain is a used if there is hard to reach debris that can’t be cleared immediately. The combination of a plumbing snake and drain cleaner can sometimes be used to clear the pipe and let water flow through once more.

The process starts by inserting a plumbing snake into the clogged drain and manually guiding or pushing the snake into the pipe until the blockage is cleared out. The snake is rotated and moved down the pipe using a turning mechanism. As the metal coil moves down the pipe, it clears out some of the debris and increases water flow.

There are many small scale plumbing snakes available on the market that can give consumers the ability to clear small clogs on their own. For major jobs, professional quality plumbing snakes are called in because they are longer in length and girth.

The Main Problems with Plumbing Snakes

If you’ve got a small hair clog or a little bit of debris in your pipe, a plumbing snake may be able to solve the problem. A plumbing snake will appear to work initially. A homeowner might think they’ve solved the problem – only to have to use the snake again in a few months when the drain gets clogged again.

Plumbing snakes can bore holes into debris and allow for a little bit of water flow, but they can’t truly clear out major clogs or root growth. If your older pipes have a lot of roots growing through them, a plumbing snake doesn’t have the power to clear that out. The same goes with calcification in older pipes.

Using a plumbing snake can give you a false sense of security. You think you’ve solved the problem, but when the drains slow in a few months or a few weeks you’ll be running your plumbing snake again, or calling an expensive plumber.

Getting Clear and Clean Pipes with HydroJetting

Rather than rely on the plumbing snake time and time again, hydrojetting can help you get the job done in one shot. With this technology, high pressure nozzles deliver a powerful stream to knock out blockages and clean out your pipes completely. Unlike plumbing snakes, hydrojetting can remove problems long term – which reduces repeat visits from the plumber.

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