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Saving Trees With Trenchless Sewer Repairs!



Melissa Paul, ABC10 - In today's Home Appreciation segment - tree roots are a major cause of sewer damage - how using trenchless methods for repairs can save your trees.

In the city of trees, root intrusion is a common issue for sewer lines.  When this happens, there are lots of people who cut down their tree to try to save their sewer.  But before you start thinking about tree removal it's important to know that taking the tree out won't necessarily solve the issue - the damage to the structure of the pipe has already happened. In fact, it's common for roots to continue to grow even after the tree has been cut down. 

Even if removing the tree did solve the issue, it wouldn't be the most cost effective way to go.  When you consider that it can be thousands of dollars to remove a tree, you could spend that money on a permanent trenchless sewer solution instead.

Trenchless methods save trees in a few ways.  Trees get into the sewer line through joints.  Trenchless solutions are all seamless, meaning the tree roots can't get into the sewer line.  Trenchless methods also require very little digging, so we can make repairs around trees instead of potentially damaging them or destroying them

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