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ABC10 – Hi, I’m Melissa Paul and this is Home Appreciation.  If you have sewer or water issues at your home or business, it can be a costly matter.  So we spoke with an expert about different payment options to help you fix your plumbing problems

Cash is one of a few options to pay for sewer and water line repairs, but there are other options. Home and business owners can tap into a few financing options – from banks to public programs. Cash can be a great option for a lot of people, because there is typically a discount for payment upon completion – but it all depends on your budget and needs.

One of the major benefits of financing, is that you can take an unexpected repair at your home or business, and spread the cost of it out over time. This can significantly reduce your upfront cost and out-of-pocket expense. The pace financing program is a great one, because it’s based on your home’s equity and not your credit score.

When getting an estimate, ask your contractor what financing options are available for your type of project.