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Melissa Paul (ABC10) – It’s not only your home that can benefit from trenchless technologies, but your business can too by staying up and running – with minimum downtime –  all while getting the pipes fixed. 

Businesses get all the same advantages of using trenchless commercial plumbing solutions as homeowners.  Like saving 40% and less headaches, but they also have some additional benefits from the process as well.  This applies to any business – such as schools, hospitals, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, and property managers.

Because our methods are so much faster than conventional methods, we can often minimize or eliminate downtime and loss of income.  For many businesses, that incidental loss can cost more than the repair itself.  Business owners should ask their contractor about their project management plan before signing a contract.

Major projects like commercial sewer repair or commercial water line repair can have a significant impact on a company’s operations and bottom line.  The key thing is to make sure your contractor’s project management plan focuses on minimizing loss and downtime.