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4 Reasons to Go with a Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Is there a sink hole in your yard or an odd smell coming from your lawn? If so, you may need a sewer line replacement. Although sewer lines don’t always give off signs before they collapse, either of these problem can be an indicator that a sewer line replacement is in order.

A sewer line replacement is a major plumbing job – but that doesn’t mean that it has to be done just one way. There are new alternatives to traditional sewer line repairs that can help prevent future repairs, save you replacement costs and avoid unnecessary damage to your lawn or driveway.

A damaged sewer line can bring a soggy lawn, collapsed driveway or side walk, and seepage into your home or business. Considering the health hazards associated with exposed sewage, it’s important to prevent sewer line breakages and repair sewer line problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

That’s why it’s important to know about the benefits of trenchless sewer line replacement well before you’ll need it.

Trenchless sewer line replacement is a fairly new technology, but it’s been safely used for over 20 years throughout the United States. There are several key differences that make trenchless sewer line replacement a better option than traditional methods. Here are some of the best reasons to opt for a trenchless sewer line replacement.

  1.  Cost Savings
    This is one of the biggest reasons that people first start considering trenchless technology for sewer line replacement. Who wants to spend an arm and a leg on sewer line repair? Compared to traditional plumbing work, trenchless sewer line replacement has a significantly lower cost.
  2. Reduction in System Downtime
    Having your sewer line out of service is an inconvenience, period. But it’s even more of a problem if you have a commercial property that needs a sewer line replacement. For both commercial and residential properties, trenchless sewer line repair can get your system back up quickly. This means that you won’t be inconvenienced any longer than you have to, which can be critical if you run a business and need a sewer line replacement.
  3. No Landscape Destruction
    When most people think of sewer line repair, they picture a gigantic trench running the length of their property. Traditional sewer line replacement means digging up your landscape, breaking through your concrete and disrupting the area around your home or business building. The replacement of the landscaping and paved areas is part of what makes traditional repairs so expensive. As the name implies, trenchless sewer line replacement doesn’t require a trench – so there’s no surface disruption. There will be two small holes at the beginning and end of the sewer line section that is to be replaced – but that’s it.
  4. Protection Against Future Problems
    The final major benefit of trenchless sewer line repair is that it helps prevent future problems with your system. With a trenchless sewer line replacement, your old line will be replaced with a structurally sound pipe made of special epoxy resins. The resin pipe won’t rust and stands up to root intrusion. It will keep your sewer line free from debris and flowing smoothly for years to come.

Trenchless sewer line replacement is one of the most cost effective and time saving plumbing options out there. Knowing the facts now will help you make the right decision when you’re in crisis mode.

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